1 To Do for Parents for Each High School Class

I’ll keep this one very simple and easy. I’m sure many of you have long “to do” lists for the school year. I know I do. Instead of making your life harder, I want to make it easier and offer only one thing. Here goes. 

Class of 2022 

Make sure your kid is writing their essay(s). This is not an easy task and it’s critically important given that many schools do not need standardized testing this year. I’m offering an essay writing course that can help them to brainstorm and revise AND I will read the essay and offer constructive feedback. Click Here To Learn More

Class of 2023

What’s the plan for testing? ACT or SAT? When and how are they prepping?...

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3 Tips to Get Your Kid Going with Their College Applications

If your kid is self-motivated and reading all the instructions on how to complete their applications and essays, consider yourself blessed. It takes mental strength and stamina to decipher all that needs to be done for the college process and execute it at a high level. For the rest of us, we need help. Tips to figure out how best to help our kids to help themselves.

Here’s three to start. 

Carve out time for them
Discuss exactly when they’re going to work on their applications and essays and make it non-negotiable. I think an hour or two three days a week during the month of August is solid. 


Help them with their Common Application
Actually sit down and review the...

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5 Best Websites for College Admissions Information

As a parent of a high school student, my son and I both bombarded with email and mail from colleges. Where does this all come from? It comes from colleges and agencies buying our information from college testing agencies such as the SAT and ACT. It can be overwhelming but since I’ve been in this profession for over 20 years, I can at least steer my son (and my wife) to the resources that I think offer good perspective and information.

Here are five of my favorites: 






Hopefully these help you to get started. If you want more information, let’s connect for a 60-minute...

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When Writing a College Essay, Document, Don't Create

Writing a college essay is hard. Very few students go into the writing process “pumped” to sit in front of a computer to tell a story. It's part laborious, oftentimes frustrating and occasionally embarrassing. The most common thing I hear is “I don't know what to write!” and then it becomes my job to help the student to brainstorm and believe in the idea that we have thought of together. 

Know what's far easier? Documenting life. Instead of trying to devise some cleverly creative epiphany that they think will change the landscape of college admissions and help them get into the college of their dreams, students should simply share what has happened in their lives or what...

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Want Your Child to Have an Advantage? Applying Early is a Winning Admission Strategy

With so many admissions options, when should a student apply? I’ll start with my favorite: 

Rolling Admissions
Under Rolling Admissions, applications to the schools are reviewed as they are completed and colleges accept eligible candidates until all freshmen spots are filled.  This means, applying early to the school has a great advantage. Applications may even be accepted as early as the summer before the senior year. A number of schools, particularly big state schools, use rolling admissions. Check each school's rolling admissions start date. Students typically receive the decision within two months after the completed application is sent in. Applying rolling admissions is...

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Get Your Kid Ready for 3 Types of Interviews

The key to a college interview is preparation. There are three types of interviews. There's the on-campus interview, one via video conferencing like Zoom, or one with an alumnus in your local area. It's always important for your child to show their  best self, and to ask questions, and share thoughts or concerns about the school or overall college process. 

#1: On-campus interviews are usually conducted by admissions officers and they talk to your child for 25 to 30 minutes about who they are, and what they know about the college they’re meeting with. To schedule an interview, you can usually select a time on a school's website.

#2: Local alumni interviews are conducted by alumni who...

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5 Quick Do's and Don'ts for Parents in the College Admissions Process

I love my children dearly. As a father of four, there are only a few things I would not do for them to ensure their happiness. Would I choose their friends? No. Would I choose their political affiliations? No. Would I choose their college? Absolutely not. Now remember, “choose” and “influence” are very different and I hope my model of how I live my life helps them to make wise decisions, but I would never outright choose any of the above for them. 

I would, however, help them with their college application process. As a company, we are gearing up to help the Class of 2022 with their essays and applications throughout the summer. If you and your child need help, we can do...

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If youโ€™re planning to visit colleges this summer, do this

Even this summer, not all colleges are open to visitors quite yet. And, admittedly, you may not be comfortable getting on planes and sleeping in hotels. I understand completely, but at some point soon, you and your kid will want to put your eyes and feet on an actual college campus to which they’re considering. Plus, the initiative to visit schools shows demonstrated interest (some schools care about this, not all) and in a perfect world, your kid wants to build their college list partially based on where it is and what’s around it. Location is the second most important factor when you’re building a college list. Cost, major and career are the other three. 


Here is a...

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Your Guidance Counselor Needs To Do More (5 Questions to Ask)

Whatever you call the school counselor at your child’s high school -- guidance counselor, college counselor, etc -- please know that they are an integral part of the college application process. A few elements of their job are: 

  • to offer college advice to you and your child
  • weigh in on the selection of courses for each year
  • write a school counselor recommendation on behalf of your child
  • send the transcript
  • communicate with colleges about your child’s application and interest

Some school counselors do this better than others, and usually it depends on their caseload of students. 

As a parent, you should attend any college preparation presentations that your school offers,...

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3 Things Every Rising Senior Must Do This Summer

Senior year is here! (or almost here ….) Now is the time to applaud your kid’s junior year efforts and really start to engage them on their college list, essays and application strategies.

Ok, but how? 

By now, they should have started their Common Application, right?!!!  No? Please have them start now. https://www.commonapp.org/ It’s nice to get a jump on this and not wait until the Fall when life can get hectic.

What else? 

Below are the top 3 things rising seniors must do this Summer. 

1) Visit colleges 


Whether you can go in person or have to visit virtually, now is the time for your kid to get more familiar with colleges they may apply to. For...

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