Possible Major : One of Four Pillars To Consider When Building a College List for Your Teen

Here at Strategic Admissions Advice, we believe there are four key pillars when considering colleges, there are:
~ Cost
~ Location
~ Possible major
~ Possible career

While all of these pillars are equally important, today we'll focus on possible majors and its impact on your teen’s college list.

Click below to watch my video discussing possible majors when it's time to build your teen's college list.

As your teen inches closer and closer to their senior year of high school, it's important to start thinking about their future career goals and, thus, a possible major they will pursue in college. Choosing a major is a critical step in setting them on the right path toward academic and professional success.

Having a possible major gives your child a sense of direction and purpose, allowing them to focus their studies on the subjects that will be most relevant to their chosen career path. It also gives them a competitive edge when applying for jobs and internships, as employers often look for candidates with specialized skills and knowledge.

Moreover, selecting a major early on can also help your child make informed decisions about their college education, such as which courses to take and which extracurricular activities to pursue. This will allow them to develop a strong foundation in their chosen field of study and gain valuable experience that can be applied in the workforce.

As a parent, supporting your child as they navigate this exciting but sometimes daunting process is important. Please encourage them to explore their interests and passions and research different majors and career paths to find the best fit.

While college is a time for growth and exploration, students must know their strengths and interests. With this self-awareness, students may spend less time and money exploring different majors, which can delay graduation and increase costs.

Just last week, I was meeting with a family and gave him a personality test, that I use with our clients. It generated a report that he shared and reviewed with his family. They weren't surprised; they knew he always liked history and has always talked about being a diplomat or a lawyer, possibly being in politics. So, now he knows that when he chooses his college major, he can indicate that on his application which may lead to a possible career.

Choosing a possible major is essential in your child's academic and professional development. You can help them lay the foundation for a fulfilling and successful future by supporting them in this process.

At Strategic Admissions Advice, we offer several personality assessments and guidance on choosing a possible major for college. We aim to help students like yours, be purposeful in their college applications and ultimately, their education. We understand that you want your child to graduate from college in a timely manner, and we are here to help you achieve that.

We are here to help you and your child navigate the college search process with confidence.

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We look forward to working with you and helping your child achieve their academic goals.