Should You Help Your Teen Write Their College Essay?

If you have an 11th grader, I hope you've begun to discuss the plan for the summer and how your child plans to work on their college application. 

Are you aware of the importance of college admissions essays? 

As the founder and Chief Education Officer of Strategic Admissions Advice, I understand how crucial essays are to the college application process. With the current test-optional trend, essays are even more critical than ever.

Most schools require essays, and the Common Application, which is used by over 900 schools, offers seven different personal essay options. In addition, there are often supplemental essays. Therefore, parents and students must understand the essay process and how to approach it.

In today's video, we're going to discuss: College Essays and Parental Involvement. Click on the image below to watch.


Students must document their experiences and tell their unique stories. Amplify their authenticity and align their story with one of the essay prompts. With seven different options, there is sure to be one that resonates with them.

Parents, you can be helpful to your child by helping them to brainstorm the essay topic. One of the best things they can do for their essay process is to draw in the reader with a stunning opening line. This is their chance to distinguish themself from other applicants.

At Strategic Admissions Advice, we help students to brainstorm, offer suggestions for revision, and proofread essays. We do not write essays for anyone, but we ensure that students use their best voice to represent who they are.

We do not want students using artificial intelligence to write essays. While AI can be helpful in the brainstorming process, we want students to tell their stories with their own style and voice.

The college essay writing process is important, and we can help you. With our college planning coaches and essay specialists, we ensure that students dig deep into who they are, brainstorm what's important to them, and feel good about their essays as a representation of themselves.

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