Interviews are a Win-Win in the College Admissions Process

While many universities no longer require interviews, it is crucial to research if the schools that your teen intends to apply, to require or recommends them. Interviews provide an excellent opportunity for your rising senior to connect with the admissions office or an alumnus of the university.

As parents, I suggest you help your child to schedule an interview. It’s pretty simple online, and if they can do it on their own, great, but most kids don’t know how busy they genuinely are. The last thing you want is for an interview opportunity to be missed.

In today’s video, we’re going to discuss: College Admissions and Interviews.

When preparing for the interview, there are three essential things that your child needs to do:

First, please encourage your child to be themselves. Let them know they don't need to pretend to be someone they're not. The interviewer wants to know who they are as a student, their ambitions, and their strengths.

Secondly, your child must ask questions. Our team at Strategic Admissions Advice gives our students a list of questions they can ask their interviewer. It demonstrates interest and helps your child learn more about the school.

Finally, your child must show respect and enthusiasm for the interviewer and the institution. The interviewer is taking time out of their day to share how they feel about their institution. Your child needs to show genuine enthusiasm and appreciation for their time.

We help our students in our 12th-grade package prepare for these interviews. The interviews may be available as early as June of their rising senior year, so it is crucial to get on a school's calendar for the interview.

As many schools are still test-optional, the interview may significantly affect your child's application process. It can be evaluative or informative; you and your child must know the difference.

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