Interviews are a Win-Win in the College Admissions Process

While many universities no longer require interviews, it is crucial to research if the schools that your teen intends to apply, to require or recommends them. Interviews provide an excellent opportunity for your rising senior to connect with the admissions office or an alumnus of the university.

As parents, I suggest you help your child to schedule an interview. It’s pretty simple online, and if they can do it on their own, great, but most kids don’t know how busy they genuinely are. The last thing you want is for an interview opportunity to be missed.

In today’s video, we’re going to discuss: College Admissions and Interviews.

When preparing for the interview, there are...

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College Interview Tips to Share With Your High School Senior

Below are a few questions that your teen can ask and questions they can be expected to be asked during their college interview. Give this to them!


  • What is the average class-size (especially in my field of study?) And how does it change from freshman to upper-class years?

  • What are the internship opportunities?

  • What happens here on weekends?

  • How about current campus issues?

  • What do students like best about this school?

  • What do they complain about?

  • What kind of student is most successful here? What kind is not?


  • How did you learn about ____________ college?

  • What are you looking for in a college and/or what brings...

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Are You Ready for A College Interview?

Since we're on the heels of college essay writing and application season, that also means that college interviews should be on your mind, any school that offers an opportunity for students to interview, a school that cares about its community. Interviews are a great way for colleges to get a true sense of a person. Being willing to share who you are and being well-prepared for an interview can give you a competitive edge in the college admissions process.

The key to a college interview is preparation. There are three types of interviews. There's the on-campus interview, one via video conferencing like Zoom, or one with an alumnus in your local area. It's always important to show your best self, and...

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