Possible Career : One of Four Pillars To Consider When Building a College List for Your Teen

So now is the time for you and your teen to begin considering which college is best for them and to start considering a possible career.

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Is that what college is all about?

Maybe, but as an admissions expert, I do want you to emphasize the importance of considering possible career paths when building a college list. While I understand that most 17-year-olds may not have everything figured out, parents and students must be aligned on the purpose of college education and the return on investment.

It is essential to discuss the investment being put into a college education and the return on that investment. Discussing the difference between a job and a career is also important. A job is usually temporary and pays the bills, while a career is something that is inspired and brings true purpose.

A few years ago, we worked with a family that was against considering a career for their child as they built their college list. The parents thought it was premature and that the teenager should use college “to find themself.” This is great, fair, and right IF the parents are prepared to help their child establish a post-college professional life. Not everyone is blessed to be able to do this, and when it was time for the second child to consider colleges, we did discuss possible careers as a factor in building the college list. The first child? Well, he did not “find himself” at college number one and transferred twice before graduating in seven years.

I suggest a personality assessment to help your student figure out their possible career. At Strategic Admissions Advice, we offer a strategy session that includes a 60-minute session with me to generate a report that can help us narrow down possible majors and careers, giving your college search process more clarity and direction.

I encourage you to talk openly with your child about their “endgame” for college education. Consider discussing the difference between a job and a career and the impact of making intentional career choices. Mapping out a professional life during college can be a luxury, and failing to do so may lead to missed opportunities.

At Strategic Admission Advice, we believe a possible career should be one of the key pillars to consider when building a college list, along with cost, location, and possible majors. We want your child to work towards their professional dreams, pay off loans quickly, and make moves within their professional lives.

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