Maximizing Summer Break: How Your Teen's Activities Impact College Admissions

Summer is finally here, and I can't help but feel the excitement in the air. It's a time for sunshine, relaxation, and making memories. But as parents of high school students, it's essential to consider how your teenager spends their summer and how it can positively impact their college admissions journey. 

In this blog post, I'll shed light on the significance of productive summer activities, how they influence college applications, and why it's crucial to strike a balance between enjoying life and preparing for the future. Let's dive in!

The Power of Productive Summers 

While it's tempting for teenagers to indulge in carefree summer days, it's equally important for them to engage in...

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What summer plan does your teen have?

Parents of current 11th graders, I have a question for you:

Does your kid have a plan for this summer? 

 Are they going to volunteer?

 Do they have some kind of internship?

 Do they have a job?

In our experience we have seen a lot of students benefit in the college admissions process by doing something advantageous - such as volunteering, having a part-time job or internship to help bolster their application.

If you want your current junior to succeed in the college admissions game next year - they need to do something besides just lounging at the beach or hangin’ with friends between June and August in order to help their college applications.

So what should they do?


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Summer Ideas for Teens

Volunteer. Yes, community service is still “in,”  but it’s now  called “civic engagement.” Regardless of the name, it’s the right thing to do, as long as it’s genuine. Being a giver is always en vogue, thus encouraging (forcing?) your kid to share his/her abilities and talents with others will be noticed on their application and offers a talking point for interviews and essays.


Earn a (summer) living. Work is for the worthy. Students need to know what it means to be somewhere everyday and report to someone. Showing commitment and responsibility is a sign of growth and maturation. As your child enters young adulthood, these are crucial...

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3 Things Every Rising Senior Must Do This Summer

Senior year is here! (or almost here ….) Now is the time to applaud your kid’s junior year efforts and really start to engage them on their college list, essays and application strategies.

Ok, but how? 

By now, they should have started their Common Application, right?!!!  No? Please have them start now. It’s nice to get a jump on this and not wait until the Fall when life can get hectic.

What else? 

Below are the top 3 things rising seniors must do this Summer. 

1) Visit colleges 


Whether you can go in person or have to visit virtually, now is the time for your kid to get more familiar with colleges they may apply to. For...

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Students Itโ€™s Time to Make Your Summertime Count

According to CNBC, how you spend your summer may have a much larger impact on your future than you think. In fact, if you spend your summer taking part in summer camp programs, this can boost your odds of getting into college.

Over the past few years, colleges have become much more selective during their admissions process. In fact, back in 2012, the average college accepted only about 64 percent of applicants, whereas, in 2003, this percentage was nearly 70 percent. With the admissions process becoming selective, you will want to do everything you can to make sure you get into most-preferred college, and according to many experts, the best way to do this is to fill up your extracurricular activities...

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