What summer plan does your teen have?

Parents of current 11th graders, I have a question for you:

Does your kid have a plan for this summer? 

 Are they going to volunteer?

 Do they have some kind of internship?

 Do they have a job?

In our experience we have seen a lot of students benefit in the college admissions process by doing something advantageous - such as volunteering, having a part-time job or internship to help bolster their application.

If you want your current junior to succeed in the college admissions game next year - they need to do something besides just lounging at the beach or hangin’ with friends between June and August in order to help their college applications.

So what should they do?

 Volunteer. Yes, community service is still very relevant (even though it's now  called “civic engagement.” Regardless of the name, it’s the right thing to do, as long as it’s genuine. Being a giver always allows your kid to share their abilities and talents with others - while also helping them  get noticed on their application. It offers a strong and compelling discussion point for college interviews and essays.

 Get a Job. Work is for the worthy. Students need to know what it means to be somewhere everyday with something productive to do and reporting to someone. Showing commitment and responsibility is not only a sign of growth and maturation, it can provide a decent income that allows them to enjoy their downtime in these summer months. As your child enters college and embraces young adulthood, these are crucial attributes. 

 Embrace Entrepreneurialism. We live in a world where ideas make money. Innovation and creativity are essential to thrive in this new millennium, and colleges are naturally drawn to students who are fired up to build something out of nothing. If you can, support your child’s ambitions and help them to see the potential positive impact their service will offer to the world. Colleges are thrilled to have such visionaries on their campuses.

 Love to Learn. Academic programs exist at almost every selective, research university in the country. These programs are great for going deeper into a variety of academic disciplines that your child is passionate about. Students appreciate  their time in courses and projects that truly interest them. And, they can find a peer group with similar interests. Consider helping your child choose a program where they will thrive and succeed, not where you ultimately want them to go. 

Why is all of this important?
After the long days of summer are over, your child will fill out an activity sheet as part of their college admissions process. Think of this as their “resume” which colleges may use as part of their interview process. You wouldn’t want your child to answer “not much” to the following commonly asked question: “What did you do this summer?””

Yes, colleges are aware of the fact that during the summer of 2020 and 2021 were difficult for kids to participate actively in any of the options mentioned. But, it is more about whether your kid should be doing something productive this summer.

So I ask you again, what is your junior doing this summer?

It starts with you - having the conversation now with your son or daughter. It may be January, but summer is around the corner.

Not sure where to start?

We want to give you a strategy. We want to support you.

We want to give you clarity.

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