Knowing Your Teen’s Course Requirements, Selection, and GPA Status

As we approach the crucial time of year for high school students – the course selection period – it's essential for you to dive into the intricacies of your teen's academic journey. Whether your teen is a freshman, sophomore, or junior, understanding the dynamics of course sequencing is pivotal for their success in gaining admission to the best colleges.

Decoding GPA: More Than Just Numbers

Let's start by demystifying the GPA puzzle. While it holds significance, it's not the sole determinant of your teen's academic prowess. Every school has its own grading scale, and colleges recalibrate grades based on their rules. So, what does this mean for your teen? It means focusing on the...

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Strategic College List Building: Careers

Now more than ever, I'm committed to guiding you through the crucial process of building a college list for your high school student. In our previous discussions, we've explored the foundations of a solid college list, covering aspects like cost, location, and possible majors. Today, let's delve into the fourth key pillar – potential careers.

The Importance of Considering Possible Careers
When approaching the college decision with your teen, it's crucial to discuss the academic aspects and potential career paths. Recognizing that teenagers might not have a clear vision of their future, informed conversations about possible careers can be immensely beneficial. Strategic Admissions Advice offers...

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Strategic College List Building: College Majors

Today, let's delve into a crucial aspect of the college search process: discovering your high school teen's possible college major.

Understanding the Four Pillars:

As we've discussed before, the college search process at Strategic Admissions Advice revolves around four key pillars. While cost and location are essential considerations, today, we focus on the third pillar: possible major.

Why Your Teen's Major Matters:

Do you know your teen's true strengths and academic interests? It's crucial for students to approach college with intentionality, understanding why they want to attend and, ideally, what they want to study. At Strategic Admissions, we utilize assessments to help identify strengths and...

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Strategic College List Building: Building a College List - Part 1

Parents play a pivotal role in guiding their teen toward a successful future, and it all begins with understanding the fundamental pillars of college list building: cost, location, possible major, and possible career. In this blog post, we'll delve into the first pillar: cost. Remember, this is just one part of the larger college search process, and we'll cover the other pillars in subsequent posts.

Cost: The Cornerstone of College List Building:

In the realm of college search, cost stands tall as the number one pillar. The reality is, no matter your financial background, it's crucial to consider how much it will cost to educate your teen. The landscape of college expenses has evolved, and it's...

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Partnering with Your School Counselor for the College Application Journey

Welcome, parents of the Class of 2025! As your teen inches closer to the exciting journey of college admissions, it's crucial to shift gears and establish a strong partnership with your school counselor. 

Understanding the Role of Your School Counselor:

Your school counselor plays a pivotal role in guiding your teen through the college admissions process. As a former school counselor and college admissions officer, I always emphasize the importance of appreciating the procedures and protocols followed by the school's college counseling office. It's essential to view your school counselor as a valuable ally rather than pointing fingers for perceived shortcomings.

Building a Connection:

To make...

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Navigating Junior Year: A Guide to Strategic Academic Planning


Today, I want to address the parents of current juniors – the class of 2025 – about a crucial aspect of their high school experience: academic planning.

Do you know what classes your teen is set to take next year? This seemingly simple question holds immense importance. Understanding your teen's academic path and its implications for the college process is a pivotal step in ensuring their future success. Join me as I share insights into why academic planning during junior year is vital and how it can significantly impact your teen's college applications.

The Reverse Evaluation Process: Understanding the College Perspective

Colleges often begin their evaluation process by looking...

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Navigating the College Campus Journey: A Parent's Guide to Academic, Extracurriculars, and Admissions

Hey there, parents! It's fall, the air is getting crisp, and many of you are heading back to your college campuses for homecoming. It's a nostalgic time, but more importantly, it's an opportunity to share your own college experiences with your high school teen.

Why Visit College Campuses:

  1. Understanding Academics (The First "A"):

Begin the journey by helping your teen understand the academics of different colleges. Is it a liberal arts school or one with a focus on business and engineering? What specialties does it offer? How does it support students academically on a day-to-day basis? Remind them that academics should be the cornerstone of their college experience. 

  1. Exploring...
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Navigating the College Admissions Journey for the Classes of 2025-27: A Blueprint for Success

Are you ready for a journey that will shape your teen's future? It's a question that every parent of a high school junior, sophomore, or freshman should be asking themselves. As the founder and president of Strategic Admissions Advice, I've dedicated my career to helping students and parents navigate the complex and ever-changing college admissions process. Today, I want to focus on the classes of 2025, 2026, and 2027, because it's never too early to start planning for college success.

In this blog post, we'll explore key steps you can take to ensure your teen's success in the college admissions process. From understanding the shift to digital testing to the importance of campus visits and creating a...

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Cost : One of Four Pillars To Consider When Building a College List for Your Teen

There's a lot to consider when building your teen's college list. As a company, we help our clients think about the four pillars:

  • Cost
  • Location
  • Possible Major
  • Possible Career

Today we'll talk about cost because it's America, where money matters, and college is expensive.

Click below to watch my video discussing cost when it's time to build your teen's college list.  

So I want to ask you a few questions.

Do you know which colleges you should start researching? 

Do you know how much that college costs?

Do you understand financial aid terms such as "scholarships," "grants," "loans," "merit aid," and "FAFSA forms"?"

Have you visited each college's website and looked at their...

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Do You Know the Three Key Elements to Focus on During a College Visit?

Parents of 11th Graders,

As an educator and parent,  I understand the importance of researching and visiting colleges with your soon-to-be-senior-in-high-school. With spring break just around the corner, I assume many of you are starting to plan your college visits.


But, did you know that some colleges may have spring break at the same time as yours? Visiting colleges when students are not on campus is not ideal.  It can impact your teen’s initial college visit experience in a negative way. 

Given this, I recommend that you check out each school’s website and find out when they’re on spring break and make sure information sessions and tours are being offered...

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