Your Guidance Counselor Needs To Do More (5 Questions to Ask)

Whatever you call the school counselor at your child’s high school -- guidance counselor, college counselor, etc -- please know that they are an integral part of the college application process. A few elements of their job are: 

  • to offer college advice to you and your child
  • weigh in on the selection of courses for each year
  • write a school counselor recommendation on behalf of your child
  • send the transcript
  • communicate with colleges about your child’s application and interest

Some school counselors do this better than others, and usually it depends on their caseload of students. 

As a parent, you should attend any college preparation presentations that your school offers, especially given the changes in college admissions with Covid 19. 

There are specific questions that every college counselor should be able to answer for you. Here are just a few:

12th Grade

  1. Do you have access to my child’s Common Application?

  2. Do you review essays? For grammar? Proofreading? 

  3. How many colleges will visit our school virtually in the Fall?

  4. When will you send transcripts to schools?

  5. Does the school offer interview preparation?

This is information you need for your child to be successful in this process. If these questions are not getting answered, I may be able to help. You can inquire about our services at [email protected] or I can build your kid’s college list.

Regardless, you do not have to do this alone. 


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