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Start Your Child’s College Process With a List Of 20+ Colleges Tailored Specifically For Them.

✏️ Has your school counselor told you
what colleges are best for your kid?

✏️ Do these suggestions match your child’s
gifts and ambitions or your financial needs?


Stop guessing and let me do it for you!

Helping your child choose colleges to apply to is hard.

With my 20+ years of experience,
I will give you 20+ schools that are perfect for your kid.

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Get a list of colleges that fit your kid’s talents and ambitions.

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Know the exact cost, location, and most popular majors and careers.

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No longer wait for your school counselor to give you suggestions that don’t make sense.


20+ College Suggestions Researched by Me Specifically for Your Child

Access to Custom College Plan Research Tool featuring information about:

✅Financial Aid

✅Admissions Selectivity


✅Online Campus Tours

✅Links to Websites for More In-Depth Research

✅Bonus SAT and ACT practice tests

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Answer 20 questions on the College List Builder Assessment 

That's It! 

Give me 48 hours and I’ll build the perfect college list for your child.

This is NO some computer-generated algorithm; this is EXPERT advice!

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“I was tired of guessing which colleges would be best for my daughter. She wants to be a doctor, and Shereem introduced us to schools where she can accelerate and become a doctor in 7 years. Amazing! We were so happy that College List Builder gave us what we needed.”


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“Shereem is a pro. He knows colleges in and out and told us exactly where our son should apply. Our son got into 5 excellent schools and is now at Vanderbilt University!”

College List Builder Gives You:

  • Our signature College Major and Career Success System report which gives clear direction on what college major and career is best for your child
    access to an amazing college research software tool that includes

  • A bonus diagnostic SAT or ACT to know their possible scores and yes,

  • My professional expert suggestions for colleges that are right for your kid

  • The best part about is you'll start seeing results with "College List builder" once you give us the 4 key pieces of information and then all we need is 48 hours to give you a list of 20 colleges for your child.

  • That's it! For as little as $297!


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