Parents, Does Your Child Have a List of Colleges Tailored Specifically for Them?

College List Builder

Yes, We Need a List!

Introducing the College List Builder! 

With my 20+ years of experience, I will suggest 20+ schools for your child, while also granting you access to Custom College Plan, a unique software, to research college majors, take online tours and learn about financial aid.


Yes, We Need a List!


20+ College Suggestions Specific To Your Unique Child Researched by Strategic Admissions Advice
Everything in the College Major and Career Success System which includes:

  1. Extensive Report Outlining Your Child’s Strengths and Interests
  2. List of College Majors and Possible Careers 
  3. Projected Salaries for College Majors and Careers with Comparison Data
  4. Specific Job Descriptions
  5. Access to Custom College Plan with a Wealth of Information about:

✅Financial Aid

✅Admissions Selectivity


✅Overlap/Similar Schools

✅SAT vs ACT “How Do I Match Up?”

✅Online Campus Tours

✅Links to Websites for More In-Depth Research

✅Bonus SAT and ACT diagnostic test that is scored by Arborbridge Tutoring (they take it, we score it!)

And once you access the Custom College Plan, you can add more schools and really Build Your Kid’s College List!

Yes, We Need a List!


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Step 1

Complete the College Major and Career Success System Assessment

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Step 2

Answer and submit the questions on the College List Builder Assessment

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Step 3

Email a PDF copy of your child’s most recent high school transcript to us

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Step 4

Email a PDF copy of your child’s PSAT/ACT/SAT scores or practice scores to us

***If you do not have these, we offer a diagnostic SAT and ACT that your child must take and we will score it.***

College List Builder Gives You:

  • Our signature College Major and Career Success System report which gives clear direction on what college major and career is best for your child
    access to an amazing college research software tool that includes

  • A bonus diagnostic SAT or ACT to know their possible scores and yes,

  • My professional expert suggestions for colleges that are right for your kid

  • The best part about is you'll start seeing results with "College List builder" once you give us the 4 key pieces of information and then all we need is 48 hours to give you a list of 20 colleges for your child.

  • That's it! For as little as $295!


Yes, We Need a List!


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Colleges That Match Your Child’s Ambitions, Strengths, Interests and Admissibility

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A Brief Summary of To Do’s To Increase Chances For Admission

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No Longer Need to Wait For Your School Counselor to Give You College Suggestions 


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Simple & Effective Research Tool to Examine Cost, Financial Aid, Selectivity, and Majors & Geographic Balance

So again, if you're a a parent who wants their child to go to college with clear plan, understand this:

  • your child is applying to college sooner than you think
  • college success starts with a strategy
  • and the earlier your child chooses a college major, the better chance that it will lead to the right career opportunities

Act Now - Before It's Too Late!


Yes, We Need a List!
Testimonial Strategic Admissions Advice

Steven H.

My daughter is a junior in high school and we had no idea what to do. We had no clue where she should apply, whether or not she would get in or how much it would cost. Our school counselor was slow to share information and that made me and my wife more nervous. We needed a list of colleges to visit and apply to fast.

Shereem and the College List Builder program gave us what we needed immediately: a college list and an online tool to help us to research schools on a whole new level other than a website. We are so appreciative of his help in laying the foundation for our daughter and her college process.


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