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Get Your Teen’s College Search Process Started with Our Expert College List Builder!

Our personalized service creates a strategic college list that is based on an assessment of you and your teen.




Yes, we need a list!

 Are you overwhelmed by the college application process?

Do you want to help your teen create a college list that gives them the best chance of getting accepted to their dream schools?

Our College List Builder service can help!

Our experienced college admissions expert, Shereem Herndon-Brown, will create a personalized college list that is both ambitious and realistic.

We will take into account your teen's grades, test scores, interests, activities, and college preferences.

With our College List Builder service, you can be confident that your teen is on the right track to college admissions success.  

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Let's review what is included in the College List Builder.

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20+ colleges customized specifically for your teen within 3 business days.

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A snapshot of what grades and test scores your teen needs to be accepted to their dream schools.  

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Emailed instructions on what to do next in the college search process with your teen.

Wondering what are the benefits of using our service?

#1 ~ Stop guessing where your teen should apply and why.

#2~ Stop waiting for the guidance counselor to give you a college list.

#3~ Get a realistic idea of if your teen will get accepted to their dream school.

Benefits of College List Builder

How does College List Builder work?

College List Builder service is a three-step process that utilizes the expertise of Shereem Herndon-Brown to create a customized college list for your teen.



Both the parent/guardian and the student will fill out an assessment to gather information on the student's academic achievements, extracurricular activities, and interests.

Shereem Herndon-Brown


Shereem Herndon-Brown will use his experience and exclusive tools to build a customized college list for your teen.

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You and your teen will receive an email with a full report and instructions on what to do next in the college search process.

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College List Builder 
is the best way to get the right list of colleges
for your teen!

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“I was tired of guessing which colleges would be best for my daughter. She wants to be a doctor, and Shereem introduced us to schools where she can accelerate and become a doctor in 7 years. Amazing! We were so happy that College List Builder gave us what we needed.” - Ann B.

College Acceptance Letter

College admissions are competitive,
but our list increases your teen's chances of success.

While our list considers your teen's strengths, admissions also depend on essays, interviews, and overall application quality.

Don't Miss This Opportunity To Help Your Teen On Their College Journey!

Personalized College Recommendations
Within just 3 business days, you'll receive a customized list of 20+ colleges specifically tailored to your teen's unique preferences and aspirations. Say goodbye to endless hours of research and hello to a curated list of colleges that fit your teen's needs perfectly.

Insightful Snapshot of Admission Requirements
Wondering what grades and test scores your teen needs to be accepted to their dream schools? With The College List Builder, you'll get a detailed snapshot of the admission requirements for each college on their list, providing you with clarity and direction on their admission journey.

Realistic Acceptance Predictions
Get a realistic idea of whether your teen will get accepted to their dream school. Our platform uses advanced algorithms and expert insights to provide accurate predictions, empowering you to make informed decisions about your teen's college choices.

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