Does Your Child Need a College List?




Yes, we need a list!

Parents, ask yourself these questions...

* Are you secretly afraid that your kid won’t get into college?

Do you know where they should apply?

* Do you trust your kid’s guidance counselor?

If you answered YES, to any of these questions,
you need the College List Builder!


Your kid needs a college list that's ambitious and realistic! 

Give them the college list they deserve!

Start Now!

College List Builder 
is the best way to get the right list of colleges
for your child!

I will use my 20+ years of experience to give your child an ambitious AND realistic college list!


Don’t let an overwhelmed school counselor give your child guidance about their future!


Get a college list from an expert!


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What You Get

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20+ colleges customized specifically for your child within 3 business days.

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A snapshot of what grades and test scores your kid needs to be accepted to their dream schools.  

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Emailed instructions on what to do next in the college search process with your child.

Here Are The Benefits

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Stop guessing where your child should apply and why.

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Stop waiting for the guidance counselor to give you a college list.

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Get a realistic idea on if your child will get accepted to their dream school.

How Does It Work?

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The parent or guardian fills out an assessment.

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The student child fills out an assessment.

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Using my experience and exclusive tools, I will personally build a customized college list.

Yes, We're Ready To Start!
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“I was tired of guessing which colleges would be best for my daughter. She wants to be a doctor, and Shereem introduced us to schools where she can accelerate and become a doctor in 7 years. Amazing! We were so happy that College List Builder gave us what we needed.” - Ann B.


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“Shereem is a pro. He knows colleges in and out and told us exactly where our son should apply. Our son got into 5 excellent schools and is now at Vanderbilt University!” - Matt H.

What is the College List Builder?
A list of 20+ schools chosen specifically for your child
based on their strength, interests, activities, grades and scores. 

Who builds the actual college list?
I do, Shereem Herndon-Brown.
I’ve been in college admissions for over 20+ years,
have visited 500 colleges and worked with over 1000 students. 

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