Where Your Child Goes to College Is Important

Not for you, but for them.

Your job as a parent is to offer perspectives about their potential educational experience based upon your own education and life experiences but NOT to suggest that some colleges are “better” than others. Yes, different colleges have different resources and yes, we associate selectivity with being better, but the most important thing your child can do is have a college list that will best suit their desires for a major and career AND factor the cost and location of the school which affects you.

How can you and your child decide how important a school is?

#1 - Know your child and ask them, and yourself, do you think they will develop there in a way that will be beneficial. How? Why?

#2 - Is the school supportive of their students? - Given the cost of college, you want to spend your money somewhere that will help your child to mature as well as hold them accountable when necessary. Yes, college is about independence, but for the money you may spend, I think it’s fair to expect that your child will have access to resources, professors and adults who will support their academic and  emotional growth

#3 - Will this college put your child on a track to a career in their strength or interest? This cannot be underscored. Your child is not going to college to “find themself” they are going to college to “find a path” or even “paths” to success. Adulthood is fast approaching and college is an important stepping stone to adult and life success. 

So where your child goes to college is important. Not because of the name of the school but more because of how the school supports their development. There are 3,500 colleges and universities in the US and your child should look at more than 20 and then apply to 7 to 12 depending on a variety of reasons. 

I want to help you and your child research and apply to the right schools for the right reasons. College List Builder is the game-changer based on my 20 years of experience in the profession. I use exclusive tools and share my expert advice to make sure your kid looks at the right colleges. College List Builder was created for you in mind. Let me help you.



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