How to Demonstrate Interest During the Pandemic

College admissions offices are almost done with the class of 2020 and will quickly turn their attention to the class of 2021. When you and your child cannot visit in person, there are many ways to engage with the admission office via technology:
Parents, please share this with your kids:

Follow the colleges’ social media accounts (but make sure that YOUR accounts are clean first!)

#1 Subscribe to and comment on admission offices’ blogs.

#2 Sign up online for recruitment emails. This identifies you as a prospective student and puts your information in the college’s database.

#3 Open and, if appropriate, reply quickly to any emails you receive from colleges. Click through on the links in the emails to research information that seems interesting to you.

#4 Contact your local admissions representative with any questions. We are happy to review these before you send them. Ideally, questions should be meaningful and not about things you can easily find online.

#5 Take advantage of online student or alumni interviews, some of which are available during the spring and summer months.

#6 Attend specific college admission office webinars and other virtual events. We anticipate that colleges will be offering more of these given the current travel restrictions.

#7 Send “thank you” emails to admission staff who answer your questions or host a webinar or virtual event that you attend.

Doing this now, juniors, will help you later.

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