Navigating the College Journey: Ensuring Application Completion and Knowing More About the FAFSA

Hello and Happy New Year to all the parents out there! 

As we usher in the new year, I want to extend my warm wishes, especially to parents of high school seniors. With graduation on the horizon, it's crucial to ensure that your child's college application journey is on the right track. 

In this week’s blog post, we'll discuss the importance of checking application portals and delve into the revamped Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA). Let's make 2024 a year of informed decisions and financial planning for your child's higher education.


The Application Portal Check

As parents, it's essential to play an active role in your child's college application process. Many...

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How to Demonstrate Interest During the Pandemic

College admissions offices are almost done with the class of 2020 and will quickly turn their attention to the class of 2021. When you and your child cannot visit in person, there are many ways to engage with the admission office via technology:
Parents, please share this with your kids:

Follow the colleges’ social media accounts (but make sure that YOUR accounts are clean first!)

#1 Subscribe to and comment on admission offices’ blogs.

#2 Sign up online for recruitment emails. This identifies you as a prospective student and puts your information in the college’s database.

#3 Open and, if appropriate, reply quickly to any emails you receive from colleges. Click through on the...

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