What to Think About for Each Grade

People always ask me, "What are the things I need to think about each year, regarding the grade that my child is in?" So, I want to give you the information that you need for a 9th grader, 10th grader, 11th grader, and 12th grader. With that being said, I'm going to work backward.

Seniors, you're in 12th grade, you should be focusing on essays. Everything on your mind should be writing, writing, writing, typing, typing, typing, so that you can get your essays done in preparation to submit your application, if not now, then within the next 60 days. January 1st will come faster than you expect.

Juniors, you should be focusing on your standardized testing and visiting colleges. You want to expose yourself to different schools so you know what you're interested in later. It is important to figure that out now. Visit colleges, get your testing calendar together, and know that you're going to be just fine.

Sophomores, please start getting involved in your extracurricular activities. You want to start discovering who you are, what's important to you, and the best way to do that is through activities and personality assessments. Whatever's going to help you to figure out your interests or what your major could be in college, this is the time to do it, and we can help you to do that.

Freshman, you're just getting into high school. Continue to get your feet wet. Get adjusted, make a good transition, and get the best grades possible. Learn yourself and learn your school before you try to think about college too much. I know it's coming but you have to get a good solid footing, and the best way you can do that is with getting good grades.

So seniors focus on essays;  juniors, you're thinking about visiting and your testing calendar;  sophomores, extracurricular activities, possibly summer activities, these are the things you're going to be doing over the next few years; and freshmen, just enjoy the ride but do the best you possibly can.