Strategic College List Building: The Importance of Location for Your Teen

Welcome back, parents! In our ongoing series on building a college list for your high school student, we delve into one of the crucial pillars: location. Last week, we discussed the four key pillars – location, possible major, understanding strengths and interests, and career choice. Today, let's focus on why location plays a pivotal role in shaping your teen's college experience.


Understanding the Energy of a Campus

Choosing a college isn't just about academic fit; it's about finding a community where your teen feels a sense of belonging. Whether virtually or in person, experiencing the energy of a campus is vital. We explore the importance of your teen feeling emotionally and physically safe on campus and the significance of their contribution to the college community.

Day-to-Day Life Beyond Classes

College life extends far beyond the classroom. Consider what your teen will do once classes conclude. A compelling story illustrates how a warmer climate influenced a student to pursue environmental science, showcasing the impact of location on extracurricular choices and personal growth.

Opportunities for Internships and Jobs

Location isn't just about the present; it shapes your teen's future. Discover how the environment can provide opportunities for internships and jobs, influencing career paths and potential long-term residency. Planning for growth during the college years is essential.

Building Your Teen's College List with Strategic Admissions Advice 

As you navigate the complex process of building your teen's college list, consider seeking professional guidance. At Strategic Admissions Advice, we offer personalized strategy sessions and a comprehensive  college list building program. Our approach considers factors like cost, location, possible major, and potential career paths.

If you're feeling overwhelmed or unsure, remember that Strategic Admissions Advice is here for you. Reach out for a strategy session or explore our college list-building program. Let's work together to shape a college list that aligns with your teen's aspirations.

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