Strategic College List Building: Careers

Now more than ever, I'm committed to guiding you through the crucial process of building a college list for your high school student. In our previous discussions, we've explored the foundations of a solid college list, covering aspects like cost, location, and possible majors. Today, let's delve into the fourth key pillar – potential careers.

The Importance of Considering Possible Careers
When approaching the college decision with your teen, it's crucial to discuss the academic aspects and potential career paths. Recognizing that teenagers might not have a clear vision of their future, informed conversations about possible careers can be immensely beneficial. Strategic Admissions Advice offers personalized Strategy Sessions, including personality assessments, to help families identify strengths and interests, leading to a list of potential careers.


Real-Life Impact

To illustrate the impact of these discussions, I recently worked with a family whose teen discovered a passion for writing and history. Our assessment identified potential careers such as attorney, teacher, or journalist. This realization excited the students, and we were able to explore relevant majors and classes at various colleges that aligned with their interests. It's essential to acknowledge that life is not linear, and career goals may evolve. However, laying a solid foundation during high school ensures your teen is equipped to pursue their passions.


Preparing for the Future

As parents, your role is pivotal in helping your teen navigate the college selection process. Ensuring they have the right courses and tests aligned with their potential major and career aspirations is crucial. While we can't predict the job market in the future, Strategic Admissions Advice is here to guide you in preparing your teen for success, whether they choose a path in tech, business, literature, medicine, or social work.


Building a college list involves a thoughtful consideration of cost, location, possible majors, and potential careers. These four key pillars will shape your teen's college experience and set them on a path to success. If you find navigating this process overwhelming, consider contacting us at Strategic Admissions Advice for a Strategy Session. We aim to empower you as a parent to guide your teen towards a fulfilling and prosperous future.