SAT and ACT Tests Are Being Canceled, Now What?

Many students in the class of 2021 are concerned about how they're going to be evaluated by colleges given the global pandemic and their SATs or ACTs possibly not being a part of their application. As of right now, most schools have not determined how they will handle this, but please know that colleges want to evaluate students based on their best selves. So if students don't have testing yet, they can in the fall, and we're hoping that we're all through this in the coming weeks or months.

Colleges understand that this is a stressful time. Remember, the administrators and admissions officers are all working from home and most likely are quarantined to some capacity too. What the next few months hold in regards to their admissions policies and procedures has yet to be determined. However, I do not want any high school students to think that their college experience will not happen because of this pandemic. It is essential at this time that students stay vigilant as they prepare for standardized testing. The June test is still on, as of today, for the ACT and SAT. The July ACT should still go on. The August SATs should still go on, September ACT. So students still have other opportunities and must be prepared.

Now, will colleges probably put more emphasis on essay writing, on interviews? I'm sure they will, but do not bank on all the tests being canceled completely. Let’s all have the foresight to think that other pieces of the puzzle will have a greater effect on your child’s college process. Stay optimistic that one day very soon, your child will be applying to college and leaving home sooner than you think.

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