Partnering with Your School Counselor for the College Application Journey

Welcome, parents of the Class of 2025! As your teen inches closer to the exciting journey of college admissions, it's crucial to shift gears and establish a strong partnership with your school counselor. 

Understanding the Role of Your School Counselor:

Your school counselor plays a pivotal role in guiding your teen through the college admissions process. As a former school counselor and college admissions officer, I always emphasize the importance of appreciating the procedures and protocols followed by the school's college counseling office. It's essential to view your school counselor as a valuable ally rather than pointing fingers for perceived shortcomings.

Building a Connection:

To make the most out of this partnership, take proactive steps to connect with your school counselor. Schedule a meeting or initiate a phone conversation, ensuring you actively participate in the counseling process. Share information about your teen and consider filling out a questionnaire to provide additional insights. Remember, this isn't just a counselor-teen interaction; your involvement is key to understanding timelines, procedures, and protocols.

Navigating School Software:

Many schools use specialized software to manage the college admissions process. Familiarize yourself with the tools your school employs, such as Navient or MyLearning. By engaging with this software, you'll gain a deeper understanding of the data your school counselor wants you to be aware of regarding your teen's college journey.

Exercising Patience:

As the college admissions season ramps up, it's crucial to exercise patience. School counselors are often overwhelmed, but their dedication to your teen's success is unwavering. Avoid adopting an adversarial stance and instead cultivate a collaborative relationship. While seeking additional support from independent consultants is an option, starting with your school counselor lays the foundation for a smoother process.

We encourage parents to schedule a free Discovery Call with us to explore how our services can complement your school counselor's efforts. However, the primary focus remains on ensuring effective communication with your school counselor. By reciprocating their efforts and understanding their commitment to helping your teen succeed, you set the stage for a successful college admissions journey.

Take the first step toward a successful college admissions process – schedule that crucial meeting with your school counselor today! Your teen's future awaits.

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