Do you know how to help your junior prepare for their senior year?

Parents, it’s the start of the new year. Time to get serious. Time for a plan.

In my new video this week, I have a question for you:

Do you know what classes your teen is taking their senior  year or is projected to take? 

It is very important that you understand how classes affect the college admissions process. 

In today's video, we're going to discuss the three reasons why your teen’s senior year schedule matters.


  1. Do you know what math class your teen is going to take next year?
    For example, certain colleges don't even read applications if they don't have the word “calculus” on it. Please ensure your teen is at least pre-calculus or calculus or AB or BC is critical.
  2. Your teen should strongly consider continuing in studying a foreign language.
    Continuity is key. We live in a global world. Your child taking a foreign language and sustaining that through high school is very attractive and impressive to colleges.
  3. Your teen must challenge themself.
    Advanced, honors, AP, IB, etc. Your teen is going to be evaluated by the admissions officers primarily based on the challenge - the rigor that their school allows them to take.

In our company, we answer these questions for students and parents everyday. Our clients have the opportunity to get our counsel, our strategic plan, that we put together for them which helps them to understand why this is important. 

I'll give you a quick example. We had a student this year not take foreign language even though I pleaded with them, "Please do this, it's very important," and they just refused because they didn't think it was the right thing for them.

Ultimately, they got deferred from their Early Decision school.

Now I can’t say with certainty this was the sole reason why - but I believe that if you use our plan, our formula, you will understand why it's important to take the right classes at the right time in order to get the result that you want.

And what is that result?

A very compelling, strong application for your teen. 

If you have questions about how to put together a college plan or a high school academic plan, please contact us.

We’re here to help.