How Using Historical Data Can Help Your Teen Get Into College

As parents of a teen entering their junior year, the college application process can feel daunting. Between crafting compelling essays and navigating financial aid, creating a strategic college list often takes a backseat. But what if there was a way to leverage data to inform your decisions and increase your teen's chances of success?


This is where historical data comes in. By understanding how colleges have admitted students from your teen's high school in the past, you gain valuable insights that can empower you to build a balanced and effective college list.


The Power of Data in College Admissions

The landscape of college admissions is constantly evolving. While factors like extracurricular activities, essays, and letters of recommendation remain crucial, data is playing an increasingly significant role. Many universities, particularly larger state schools, are turning to data-driven approaches to streamline the application process.


This doesn't mean your teen becomes a number. However, understanding historical data on factors like GPA, standardized test scores (if required), and past admissions trends from your teen's school to specific colleges can provide a valuable starting point for building a college list that considers both academic fit and potential success.


Leveraging School Resources

Many high schools utilize data-driven college guidance tools like Naviance, Score, or Maia Learning. These resources provide insights into historical admissions trends for students from your teen's school to various colleges. They can help you identify schools where your teen's academic profile aligns well with admitted students in the past.


Understanding the "Common Data Set"

Every college in the United States is required to publish a "Common Data Set," which details the admissions process and student body demographics from the previous year. This data set is a goldmine of information, including:

  • Average GPA and test scores of admitted students
  • Acceptance rates for different academic profiles
  • Enrollment statistics by major

By carefully reviewing the Common Data Set of colleges on your teen's potential list, you can gain a deeper understanding of the academic competitiveness and overall fit for your teen.


Data is a Tool, Not a Guarantee

It's important to remember that historical data is just one piece of the puzzle. A student with a slightly lower GPA than the average admitted student at a particular college might still be a strong candidate if they have exceptional extracurricular achievements, compelling essays, or unique experiences.


The key takeaway is to use historical data as a tool to inform your decisions, not dictate them.


Building a Balanced College List

Armed with historical data and a deeper understanding of college admissions trends, you can create a college list that incorporates the following:


  • Reach Schools: These are colleges with high academic selectivity where your teen might face steeper competition. However, including a few reach schools ensures they have the opportunity to aim high.
  • Target Schools: These are colleges where your teen's academic profile aligns well with historical admissions trends. These schools offer a strong chance of acceptance while still providing a stimulating academic environment.
  • Safety Schools are colleges where your teen is highly likely to be accepted. They provide peace of mind and ensure that your teen has options regardless of other admissions decisions.


Redefining Success: Beyond the Numbers

While historical data is valuable, it shouldn't define your teen's college journey. Colleges seek well-rounded individuals who contribute to the campus community. Encourage your teen to explore their passions, participate in meaningful activities, and develop their voice through essays and interviews. Remember, success in college admissions goes beyond just numbers.


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