How Can High School Athletes Play Sports in College

Want to play sports in college?

This week we're talking about how high school athletes can play college sports. 

Ninth graders, you must have almost know what your core courses must be from ninth grade through twelfth grade.  It is imperative that you find out as ninth graders what you need to do now in order to graduate with the necessary 16 courses that you need in order to play sports at the next level.

Tenth graders, please register at This is a subset of the NCAA, the National Collegiate Athletic Association, and they need you to register with them if you plan to play sports in college.

Eleventh graders, if you haven't done so already, please register with the NCAA. But more importantly, take the SAT or the ACT and have those scores sent to the NCAA via the code 9999.

Twelfth graders,  I hope that you're on track to graduate, that is very important. As you're going to your senior year, make sure that you're on time to graduate with the necessary courses and that you have your final transcript sent to the NCAA for final submission so you can play at the next level.

We hope that this has been helpful tips for you. We want high school students to play college sports if they choose to, but in order to do so, they must follow those steps.

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