Get Your Kid Ready for 3 Types of Interviews

The key to a college interview is preparation. There are three types of interviews. There's the on-campus interview, one via video conferencing like Zoom, or one with an alumnus in your local area. It's always important for your child to show their  best self, and to ask questions, and share thoughts or concerns about the school or overall college process. 

#1: On-campus interviews are usually conducted by admissions officers and they talk to your child for 25 to 30 minutes about who they are, and what they know about the college they’re meeting with. To schedule an interview, you can usually select a time on a school's website.

#2: Local alumni interviews are conducted by alumni who have volunteered to conduct these interviews on behalf of the school. Alumni interviews are often common for big schools that don't have enough resources to accommodate all the applicants, so the alumni in your local town want to help you and your child.

#3: Video conferencing is actually really new and some certain schools are using it exclusively since Covid-19. 

Your child should always wear comfortable clothing. Business casual is the best way to go. More than anything though, please be prepared. We actually have sample interview questions you should ask and may be asked on our website. So check us out at under the 12th Grade Category.




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