Demonstrating Interest Can Help Your Kid Get Into College

I'm a big believer in demonstrating interest appropriately. However, I'm not a huge fan of being overly aggressive (assertive, good, aggressive, bad) and annoying. There's a time and a place for everything, and here are a few suggestions to help you and your kid. 

Demonstrated interest is defined as the documented contact or connections a prospective student makes with an institution. Admissions officers then take this record into consideration once a student submits an application for admission. Colleges love to be loved. They crave attention from the RIGHT students at the RIGHT time. Demonstrating interest in one of your top choices can be critical for college acceptances. They, the college, want to know that if they admit a student, that there is a strong likelihood that the student will attend. As high school students start to engage colleges, here’s a quick checklist with some ways they can do this and when they should do it.


  • College Visit/Open House
  • Virtual Event
  • Follow and Engage on Social Media
  • Register on College Website


  • Optional Interview 
  • Open Emails/Click through Links


  • Meet with Admissions Rep at High School
  • Email Admissions Officer and Ask Questions
  • Attend Local Event 
  • Write a Why X College


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