College Admissions Advice: What you can do now to help your child later


Figuring Out Freshman Year

Here are some tips. Please share with your kids!

  • Start to document activities, academic and extracurricular accomplishments, summer and work experiences.

  • Focus on time management skills: When will you do homework? How much time does it take you to complete homework thoroughly? What are you doing with your free time?

  • Discuss summer opportunities (e.g., a job or a summer course) with your school counselor and parents and research them on your own.

Strategies for Sophomore Year

Has your child taken the PSAT yet? Pre-ACT? Does your school offer either one or both?

Juggling Junior Year

  • Have you met with your child’s school guidance counselor? 

  • How about reviewing their college and career readiness solutions (Naviance, Maia, SCOIR, etc.) and analyzed the data? 

It’s time to know what kind of grades and scores your kid MUST have to be competitive in the process!

Senior Year Success

If your child is waiting to be notified by their Regular Decision schools, remind them to check their online portal and email regularly to make sure the colleges have everything they need to make a decision. An incomplete application is a REJECTION!

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