Opportunities for New Homeschooling High Schoolers

As the coronavirus continues to spread across the globe, several camps, colleges, and universities are canceling their on-site summer programs. Many people are even speculating that colleges will not even start in the fall. Craziness.

What I do know is that for students applying to college in the fall, essays and resumes, their stories, will play a significant contribution to their process.

Stories, not stats, will play a big part of college admissions 2020.
I’m willing to say that students who are creative and innovative will stand out tremendously this year and I’m willing to bet all the way through 2023. Yes, freshmen in high school will have more emphasis on their stories, not solely stats, when they apply to college in three years. Watch.

And you know what, whether a student's high school uses grades or adopts a pass/fail option, colleges will be well aware that the circumstances were tough for everyone. If a student excels during this period of time, it will be noted. The student's college counselor can provide more detail in the letter of recommendation.

But, regardless, I want students to persevere and see opportunities by taking online courses, if you can. Not just youtube, but develop a new hobby that refreshes the soul; step up the tech game and become more STEM Savvy.

Free courses online such as Massive Open Online Courses can be excellent and we have listed the ones of note in this week's blog post. Thousands of courses are available in dozens of subjects, including business, programming, communication, life sciences, and engineering.

For more information about what we do and how we can help, please go to:

Sample Courses:
- Control of Mobile Robots
- English Composition I
- Dynamic Public Speaking

Khan Academy
Sample Courses:
- Disney Imagineering in a Box
- Linear Algebra
- Microeconomics: Consumer and Producer Surplus

MIT OpenCourseWare
Sample Courses:
- Artificial Intelligence
- Poker Theory and Analytics
- Philosophy of Film

Sample Courses:
- Creating Musical Sounds
- Global Warming, Social Marketing
- The Poetry of Sorley MacLean

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