1 To Do for Parents for Each High School Class

I’ll keep this one very simple and easy. I’m sure many of you have long “to do” lists for the school year. I know I do. Instead of making your life harder, I want to make it easier and offer only one thing. Here goes. 

Class of 2022 

Make sure your kid is writing their essay(s). This is not an easy task and it’s critically important given that many schools do not need standardized testing this year. I’m offering an essay writing course that can help them to brainstorm and revise AND I will read the essay and offer constructive feedback. Click Here To Learn More

Class of 2023

What’s the plan for testing? ACT or SAT? When and how are they prepping? Please get a diagnostic ACT and SAT so your kid knows which one is best for them. Please consider having them take the PSAT at their school in October. 

Class of 2024

Check your child’s curriculum. Are they taking challenging courses? Will the sequence of courses they’re taking now lead to honors, advanced, or APs later? Make sure you’re aware of the current courses and their likely progressions for junior and senior years. 

Class of 2025

Building a resume. What is your kid doing outside the classroom? This is the time for you to get familiar with what extracurricular activities your school offers. It’s important that your child get involved with activities that they’re genuinely interested in and can grow into leadership positions. 

If you need help with any or all of this,
please contact us and we can have a 60 minute Strategy Session.