West Coast Best Coast? 4 Things to Consider When Building a College List


These days, more and more East Coast families are becoming more comfortable with the idea of considering a college on the West Coast as they build their college list. Whether this is influenced by the seemingly better weather or the idea of better economic opportunities post-graduation, it is important that your family carefully consider additional factors before making the decision to apply and attend a West Coast institution. Below you will find a list of four things to consider:

  1. Distance from home. If you are located on the East Coast, attending college in California/Washington/Oregon will not be a quick drive away. Instead, approximately 3,000 miles will stand in the way of an impromptu...

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10 of the Best Colleges for African American Students

As we continue to celebrate Black History Month, I want to share with you 10 great universities that have a history of helping African-American students to excel. This list was comprised by Essence magazine, as well as Money magazine, and I co-sign on it, because it's based on representation, graduation rates, affordability, and postgraduate earnings. True, some of these schools on this list have comparatively fewer black students, but they're extremely generous with financial aid and have financially successful alumni.


The top 10 are: 

  1. Princeton University in New Jersey
  2. Harvard University in Massachusetts
  3. Duke University in North Carolina
  4. Cornell University in New York
  5. Florida A&M...
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