Is Relying Solely on Your School's Counselor Putting Your Teen's Future at Risk?

The path to college stands as a monumental milestone in the pivotal journey of guiding our teens toward a bright future. It's a time filled with potential, dreams, and, admittedly, a fair share of anxieties. Have you ever stopped to ponder whether your teen is receiving the tailored, strategic guidance necessary to navigate the complex maze of college admissions? 

The Stark Reality
With burgeoning caseloads, the average high school college counselor is stretched thin, managing hundreds of students. The question that begs to be asked is: Can they truly offer the personalized, in-depth strategy that your unique teen needs? While their intentions are undoubtedly pure, the sheer volume of their...

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Why October Matters for All High School Students

Most kids have been in school for a month now - if not more - and should all be “settled” into a routine that includes waking up early, staying up later than we want them to and, of course, contemplating the all-important college admissions question:

“What should I be doing now, to get into college later?”

Every month or every year of high school counts towards having more or less college options. Whether it’s grades or activities or visits or essays, high school students who want selective schools are putting in the work now. 

Is your kid putting in the work? 

If you have no clue on what your child should be doing this month as it relates to getting into...

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What Parents Should Ask Their Child's School Counselor (2020)

Whatever you call the school counselor at your child’s high school -- guidance counselor, college counselor, etc -- please know that they are an integral part of the college application process. A few elements of their job are: 

  • to offer college advice to you and your child
  • weigh in on the selection of courses for each year
  • write a school counselor recommendation on behalf of your child
  • send the transcript
  • communicate with colleges about your child’s application and interest

Some school counselors do this better than others, and usually it depends on their caseload of students. 

As a parent, you should attend any college preparation presentations that your school offers,...

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