Why Your Child Needs to Demonstrate Interest


As a parent of a college-bound high school student, are you wondering how to help your teen to stand out in the college admissions process? If so, one way to do this is through having direct and documented contact with the admissions office. This is what we call "demonstrating interest."

Demonstrating interest can take many forms, such as visiting the campus, attending information sessions or college fairs, following on social media, and engaging with admissions officers when they come to your teen’s school or town. Some colleges take demonstrated interest into consideration when evaluating applicants, as they want to admit students who are genuinely interested in attending their institution.

Colleges want to admit students who are a good fit for their school. Demonstrating interest shows the college that your teen is serious about attending and that the school is their top choice. This can give your child an edge over other applicants with similar academic credentials.

However, it's essential to strike a balance between being assertive and being aggressive. You want your teen to avoid bombarding the admissions office with emails and phone calls, as this can come across as pushy and turn them off. Instead, have your teen be genuine in their communication and only reach out when they have a legitimate question or want to express real interest in the school.

At Strategic Admissions Advice, we help students to identify and apply to the right schools for the right reasons. We also encourage them to demonstrate interest in schools that factor it into consideration. By engaging with the college thoughtfully and authentically, your child can increase their chances of admission. 

One of our students was recently waitlisted at one of her top choices, but she continued to demonstrate her interest by visiting the campus and meeting with an admissions officer. This showed the college that she was serious about attending, and she ultimately received an offer of admission.

How can you help your child to demonstrate interest and increase their chances of college admission success? Schedule a free discovery call with us to learn more about our services and we’ll show you how. Let's work together to help you find the right school for your child and to demonstrate interest in the right way that will help them to stand out from the crowd.

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