Why the Personal Essay is Not Enough

I know talking about college essays may not be what you had in mind for this summer, but trust me, understanding the significance of supplemental essays is crucial. Many people focus solely on the personal statement and overlook the importance of brainstorming effectively for supplemental essays. I want to emphasize why these supplemental essays matter and how they can significantly impact your child's college application. 

Understanding Supplemental Essays:

Supplemental essays are institution-specific essays that colleges and universities require in addition to the personal statement. While the personal statement often offers various prompts through platforms like the Common Application, supplemental essays are unique to each institution. These essays provide an opportunity for applicants to demonstrate their knowledge of the specific school and articulate why they are a great fit academically, socially, and culturally.

Why Do Supplemental Essays Matter?

Supplemental essays allow your child to showcase their genuine interest in a particular institution. These essays typically revolve around questions like "Why this school?" or "What can you contribute to our campus community?" By answering these questions thoughtfully, your child can demonstrate their alignment with the school's values, academic programs, and extracurricular activities. Admissions officers want to see that applicants have done their research and are genuinely enthusiastic about attending their institution.

Brainstorming for Supplemental Essays:

As you kick off your summer vacation, it's the perfect time for brainstorming sessions with your child. At Strategic Admissions Advice, we encourage students to brainstorm for both the personal statement and supplemental essays; however, it's often easier for students to start with the specific questions posed by individual schools. By focusing on these prompts, they can gradually get into the rhythm of writing and develop a clearer understanding of what they want to convey in their essays.

Stay Informed About Deadlines:

Remember that some schools release their supplemental essay prompts earlier in the summer, while others make them available in August. Make sure to check the application requirements for each college or university your child is interested in, ensuring you are accessing prompts for the correct application cycle. It's essential to stay up-to-date and ensure your child answers the right questions for the right school and year.

Why Choose Strategic Admissions Advice:

We understand the significance of crafting exceptional essays that truly represent your child's unique qualities. Our team of experienced writers, who are also passionate about college admissions, can help your child brainstorm ideas and create outstanding essays. With my background in English and our team's expertise, we are committed to ensuring that your child's essays are of the highest quality.

Parents, I'm thrilled for you as summer arrives, bringing with it several weeks of enjoyment. However, amidst the summer fun, let's not forget the importance of helping your child brainstorm for both personal and supplemental essays. If you feel your child could benefit from professional guidance, I encourage you to explore Strategic Admissions Advice. We offer Discovery Calls and Strategy Sessions to help you understand how we can assist your child through the college admissions process. Additionally, our course, "How to Write an Awesome College Essay," focuses on the personal statement, providing invaluable insights and feedback to enhance your child's writing.