Why College Students Should Consider Transferring

With the COVID-19 chaos and every college in the country now closed for the year, students and parents need to really evaluate if they want to or need to return to the same university. While your child may be “happy” where they are, the question is now: how productive will they be? 

College students are on the clock in terms of graduation. For families that are concerned about college costs, there is a lot of uncertainty about how some schools will handle finishing this semester and move forward in the fall. My fear is that the kids who were on the four-year-track may now need an extra semester or year to finish. 

  • How will distance-learning credits count towards graduation? 
  • What will be the cost in terms of money or time?
  • How will the fluctuations in the economy affect hiring and/or grad school possibilities?

We are all in a holding pattern of the unknown, but since I know that many students and parents are reevaluating their current college statuses, here are a few tips to remember when thinking about transferring. 

1. Know the reasons for transferring  

Transfer students really need to consider why they’re transferring.
Cost? Location? Major? Career? 

2. Work hard on the essays

Once a student decides to transfer, they must write their essays with serious intention. Students who think that they can just copy and paste an old personal statement essay from high school will lose. Older, wiser students need to write reflective and assertive essays that demonstrate a new perspective with maturity and growth. Also, do not allow your child to write negatively about their current school. Instead, they should speak about their goals and about what they want out of their new university experience.

3. Do LOTS of online research 

Read college websites and visit the school online. Right now students have the time to dig in and learn a lot about schools. Also, they should keep in mind that not all colleges offer the same majors, and they need to make sure that their credits will transfer so as not to delay graduation.

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