Types of Applications and the Benefits of Rolling Admission


Hello there! I'm Shereem Herndon-Brown, the founder and Chief Education Officer of Strategic Admissions Advice. As we step into the new school year, it's crucial for parents to get a grasp on how to navigate the college application process effectively. This process involves various types of applications, each with its own set of deadlines and advantages. In this comprehensive guide, I'll walk you through the different application types and shed light on the benefits of rolling admission – a strategy that can significantly impact your child's college prospects.

A Plethora of Application Types

For parents of seniors or even juniors, understanding the distinctions between various application types is paramount. Here's a rundown of the key application types you should be aware of:

  1.  Regular Decision Application: Typically due around January 1st, this is the standard application deadline for most colleges.
  2.  Early Decision Application: Due dates are usually around October 15th, November 1st, or November 15th. Applying early decision signifies a student's commitment to attend the college if accepted.
  3.  Early Action Regular Application: Also known as Early Action (EA), this application type is due around the same time as early decision and allows students to receive an early response from colleges without committing to attend.
  4.  Restricted Early Action Application: Similar to early action, restricted early action applications are due in the same time frame. However, students are limited in the number of other colleges to which they can apply early.
  5.  Rolling Admission Application: Many colleges offer rolling admissions, which means applications are reviewed as they are received, and decisions are made on an ongoing basis. This type of application can have deadlines spanning from October to January or even "as soon as possible."

The Advantage of Rolling Admission

Let's focus on the concept of rolling admission – a strategy that can significantly benefit your child's college journey. With rolling admission, the adage "the early bird catches the worm" holds true. The sooner your child submits their application, the sooner they can potentially secure a spot in their desired college. Colleges implement rolling admissions to manage class sizes efficiently and start building their incoming class as early as possible.

However, the key to success here lies not just in submitting early but also in understanding the institutional priorities of the college. As parents, you need to work in tandem with your child to strategize effectively. Rushing through an application without due diligence won't yield favorable results. It's crucial to ensure that your child dedicates the necessary time and effort to perfecting their college application.

Crafting an Informed Application Strategy

The diversity of application types might feel overwhelming, but this is where a well-informed strategy comes into play. You, as parents, need to collaborate with your child to create a balanced college list and application approach. Consider the following steps:

  1.  Understand Institutional Goals: Research each college's institutional priorities. Do they value early-decision candidates? Are they looking for a well-rounded student body through regular decision? Understanding these aspects can guide your application strategy.
  2.  Align with Your Child's Strengths: Based on your child's achievements, strengths, and aspirations, determine which application types best suit them. Remember, quality trumps quantity when it comes to applications.
  3.  Prioritize Early Submissions: If a college offers rolling admissions, seize the opportunity by submitting the application early. This can increase the chances of admission and secure your child's spot in the class.
  4.  Communication is Key: Constantly communicate with your child to understand their preferences. Their first-choice school and foundational safety schools should be clear to both of you.

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