The Power of Purposeful Activities for Teens

Today, we dive deep into a pivotal aspect of college admissions: extracurricular activities. As we navigate the intricate web of undergraduate admission requirements, let's shed light on how your teen's activities outside the classroom can make a resounding impact.

 The Three Crucial Questions

Colleges seek more than just academic prowess; they crave a holistic view of your teen. Three critical questions dominate their minds:


# 1. After School Adventures

Between the hours of 3 p.m. and 8 p.m., what occupies your teen's time? Colleges want to know if they are part of a team, engaged in the school play, or perhaps holding down a job. These experiences mold character and showcase commitment. 


# 2. Summer Stories

The summer break is a canvas waiting to be painted with enriching experiences. Encourage your teen to seize opportunities, be it through jobs, internships, or specialized academic programs. Quality time with family is equally valuable; after all, colleges understand the essence of balance in life. 


# 3. Contributions to the School Community

How does your teen contribute to the school's tapestry? Whether it's involvement in clubs, writing for the school newspaper, or conducting research in a lab, colleges want to witness your teen's impact within the school community. 


Allow me to share two heartening tales of students whose extracurricular endeavors left an indelible mark:


Volunteering at an Elderly Home

One student, inspired by her grandmother, found herself volunteering at an elderly home, playing board games and forging connections across generations. This became the focal point of her supplemental essay, showcasing reciprocal learning and community service.


Training Therapy Dogs

Another aspiring student, fueled by a passion for animals, dedicated his time to training therapy dogs. His narrative transcended beyond being a mere dog trainer; it depicted a heartfelt commitment to helping the elderly and teenagers in need.

 Why do these activities matter? They demonstrate your teen's commitment to personal growth and contributing to society. Whether it's caring for fellow human beings, showing dedication through employment, or sacrificing summer fun for meaningful work – colleges notice and applaud.

 Parents, your involvement is crucial. Engage your teen in conversations about their clubs, arts involvement, athletic pursuits, community service, and summer activities. Help them recognize the significance of each experience, as sometimes, the magnitude of their achievements may slip their minds.


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