The Most Important Thing I've Learned in Over 20 Years in the College Admissions Profession

I've been in college admissions as an admissions officer, I've worked on the high school side, I've been an independent consultant, and I own an educational consulting company. So what have I learned that I think is always pervasive and always important, for college admissions?

There's a school for everyone. I know that sounds cheesy, but there is a school for everyone, really. You do not have to go to one of the top 15 schools. You don't have to go to something that's ranked in US News & World Report. There are so many schools for you to choose from, that I believe after 20 years in this business, that everyone lands on their feet, somewhere. They may transfer in later, but they always find the right place for them to excel.

I encourage you, students, to not think of one school, or two schools, or three schools that you can go to. Think about a variety. Think about seven, 12, maybe 15 that you would love to go to. There is a place for you to thrive. So again, in 20 years of this, I honestly believe that if you follow the procedure correctly: plan for your future, get good grades, work on your scores, choose authentic activities that interest you most. you'll have a great college admissions process.