Testing is a Disaster, Stop Stressing It

2020 is a global horror show. You know this already because you’re living it, but what if your kid is headed to college or about to apply to college. Rightfully so, you have a ton of questions and concerns. You’re asking yourself “should my kid go?”; “is it safe?”;  and “how are they going to evaluate my child without an ACT or SAT?” Necessary questions with no obvious answers. 


What I do know, however, is that the ACT and the SAT (Collegeboard) are struggling to make testing even an option for many families. While I’m glad that they’re prioritizing health and canceling the administrations, they need to do so sooner -- like now -- and not continue to dangle the possibility of having the tests when they probably will not happen. And for the places that are administering the tests because COVID cases are low, I question why they’re doing it at all. If everyone cannot take the tests, no one should be able to take the tests. 


I did not feel this way a few weeks ago. In a perfect world, students who are applying to college would have scores for data points to support their applications. However, with each passing week, I learn more about how colleges are reexamining who they are and who they want to be post-pandemic. Colleges are on record clearly stating that scores are not required this year for admission because of the pandemic. Since this is the case, let’s stop forcing testing in possibly unsafe conditions for the class of 2021. 


Parents, colleges don’t need your child’s SAT or ACT score this year. I’m now convinced that they’re human too and will find other ways to find the right kids for their schools. 

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