Should You Trust Your High School Guidance Counselor?


One of the most common frustrations of any parent of a high school student is their access to the school guidance counselor. Did you know that the average student to school counselor ratio is 482:1, nearly double the 250:1 ratio recommended by the American School Counselor Association?

This is not the fault of the school guidance counselor. They're a well-intentioned educator, but this is the reality. Too many students need help with choosing classes, creating a college list and receiving advice on what major they should choose or even a career direction.

In Michelle Obama's book, Becoming, she made it clear that her high school guidance counselor was poor and she has made it her mission to not let it be that way for everyone. I, too, want to offer everything that I know about choosing classes, creating a college list, and I want to offer advice on majors and careers. Why? Because I used to be a school guidance counselor.

With over 20 years in the profession as an educator and an entrepreneur, I'm not overwhelmed and my company wants to help your unique child to find the right college for the right reason and, yes, get accepted the right way. 

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