Planting a Seed


As you think about the next steps for your college application process, you may be thinking that now is the right time to reach out to a college admissions officer. The short answer is, if you're in the class of 2020, it's “yes!”

Now is the time that you can “plant a seed” with a college, and specifically with a college admissions officer after you meet them at a college fair, a local reception, or possibly you visited their college campus.

Planting a seed means introducing yourself to someone (an admissions officer) to learn more their school and also to convey your interest in the institution. There is no harm in getting somebody's business card and emailing them, hoping that you can start to build a rapport with them that you can follow up with them about your grades, activities, and scores, or just your overall application over the next several months. What this does is show them that you're taking the initiative of your process and that you're trying to make a human connection in a process that is increasingly very, very automated.

While they may not email you back necessarily, you're letting a college know that you exist and that you're learning more about them. Planting a seed, you class of 2020 members, is a good thing. If you need an email template to help you to follow up, please check out our resources at