Navigating the New Era of Digital Standardized Testing: Understanding Your Teen's PSAT Scores


Happy holiday season! 

As we enter this festive season, it's also a crucial time for the junior class of 2025 as they receive their PSAT scores. In this blog post, we'll delve into the intricacies of these scores, shed light on the changing landscape of standardized testing, and guide you through the next steps.

The Digital Transformation of Standardized Testing

Your student, likely part of the first class to experience the digital PSAT, is witnessing a significant shift in testing dynamics. The SAT, a landmark test in our educational journey, is making the leap to digital formats starting in March 2024. While the PSAT was an introduction to this change, it's essential to understand that these scores have minimal impact on the actual admissions process.

Understanding the Role of PSAT Scores

Let's be clear – the PSAT is not a make-or-break factor in college admissions. While it provides insights into how your teen might perform on the SAT, it won't significantly influence their admission chances. Instead, focus on the potential scholarships, such as the National Merit, that your child's PSAT scores can unlock.

Navigating the Confusing Terrain of Test-Optional Admissions

The landscape of college admissions is undergoing a paradigm shift, with the rise of test-optional policies stemming from the pandemic. While some institutions have reintroduced testing requirements, the broader educational community still navigates the significance of standardized testing in this new digital and test-optional environment.

Three Critical Aspects of the New Testing Landscape

  1. Digital Adaptation: The tests are now digital, and it's crucial to ensure your teen is familiar with this format. Consider utilizing PSAT scores or diagnostic testing assessments to prepare them for the upcoming changes in March 2024.
  2. Instant Reporting: Unlike traditional testing, PSAT scores are reported almost instantly. While not a critical element in the admissions process, they provide valuable information that can be assessed in the context of the evolving test-optional environment.
  3. Adaptive Testing: The new adaptive nature of the test means it adjusts to your child's level, providing a personalized testing experience. Understanding these adaptations is vital, and resources like offer in-depth information on these changes.

Empowering YourTeen Through Strategic Testing

In this era of educational evolution, it's crucial not to obsess over test scores. Allow your teen to take the test, receive the scores, and then engage in meaningful discussions about their academic journey. Arm them with the ability to submit scores strategically, recognizing that different schools may weigh standardized testing differently.

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Shaping a Strategic Path for Your Teen

As we embrace the digital era of standardized testing, let's focus on empowering our teens with strategic insights. I'm Shere Herndon Brown, founder and CEO of Strategic Admissions Advice, and I look forward to connecting with you soon. Together, let's ensure your teen takes the right test for the right reasons and applies to the right schools for their unique journey.

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