Mom and Dad, Remember That Your High School Senior Still Needs You


College application requirements have changed a lot since you applied to college. Even more so since Covid. Gather accurate information and cross reference it with what your child knows.

You must partner with your teen during this process!

Also do these three things immediately, if you haven't already………


#1 : Talk about money.

College is expensive. Be honest with your Senior about how much you have and/or willing to spend. Help your student to investigate need-based aid and merit scholarships.


#2: Anticipate the emotional roller coaster.

What you may want for your child may not be what they want for themself. If your child is not developmentally ready, discuss other options such as gap year programs, community college, or trade and technical schools. Parenting is the pivoting.


#3: This is not about you.

If your child is not admitted to a top choice college, let it go. They’re young and their whole life is ahead of them. Support and reassure them so that they know that there are many other exciting opportunities coming their way. 


Parents, you and your teen
don't have to handle this process alone.
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