Let's Hear from Jill, a Proud Mom, Class of 2023

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the college process for your teen? We've been there too. Finding the right school that aligns with your child's unique interests and passions can be a daunting task. 

And, part of the process is looking for support. But, will it work? Will it help?

What brings me joy is the success and positive results we provide to our clients…

I’d like to share with you today a story of just one of the many families we work with here at Strategic Admissions Advice and what they were able to achieve with us - together.


“Strategic Admissions Advice (SAA) transformed our college journey and brought clarity and peace to our family."

Before enrolling in SAA's program, our main concern was sifting through the noise and social distractions that often cloud the college decision-making process. We needed a calm voice to guide us and provide honest feedback to our questions. SAA stepped in and became our trusted partner.

SAA was incredibly helpful, both for our child and us as parents. Shereem, our advisor, took the time to truly understand our daughter, not just intellectually but also emotionally. He listened attentively to her concerns and questions, empowering her to navigate the application process while maintaining her unique identity. The result was a reduced stress level for our entire family, as we never had to worry about deadlines or workflow. SAA's organization and expertise put us at ease.

Perhaps you're concerned about your child's college essay. We were too. However, with SAA, our fears were put to rest. Shereem played the role of a master conductor, allowing our daughter to take the lead in establishing her essay goals and themes. His guidance ensured that her voice was authentically represented while capturing the attention of admissions officers.

So, what made us choose Strategic Admissions Advice? Well, after a disappointing experience with another advisor in the past, we knew we had to do our homework this time. SAA's approach stood out from the rest. They provided an opportunity for our family to get comfortable with their team and process before fully engaging. This level of transparency and trust was exactly what we needed.

Now, you may be wondering about the results we achieved with SAA. Let us clarify that our goal was not solely focused on college acceptances. Instead, our desired outcome was to have a seasoned professional with high moral character and advanced emotional intelligence guide our daughter through this challenging process. SAA delivered on all fronts, ensuring that she emerged from the journey with pride, confidence, and a positive outlook for her future. The college acceptances were simply the cherry on top.”

Jill, mother. Child accepted into Case Western University.

Don't let the college process consume you and your family. 

Discover how Strategic Admissions Advice can transform your experience and provide the guidance and support you need. 

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All the best,

Shereem Herndon-Brown
Founder, Strategic Admissions Advice