Jobs Colleges Like to See On an Application

When it comes to figuring out what kinds of extracurricular activities colleges like to see high school students doing the debate can go on forever. Should my son or daughter do more community service? Should they play sports for all four years to show consistency? Should they join the science or business club?

Each student should do something extracurricular they genuinely enjoy. They need to be invested, curious and contributing. However, there is one thing all colleges like to see applicants doing, and that is working. Yes, obtaining a good old-fashioned job is a great thing for your child to do in high school. Whether it is part-time during the school year, or during the summer, working shows humility, commitment and the ability to manage time effectively. Plus, students can earn some extra cash!

The added bonus of working during the high school years is it can support an academic interest when applying to college. See the list below for jobs that can both help in the admissions process and bring clarity to possible career aspirations.

Here are some employment suggestions if your child expresses an interest in a particular area:

Fashion:  Clothing store

Education:  Summer camp

Computers:  Computer repair shop

Law:  Courthouse or legal clinic

Biology or Ecology:  Zoo, pet store, or wildlife reserve

Science and Engineering:  Medical lab

Art:  Museum or art gallery

And, there's nothing wrong with working at the local burger joint or ice cream shop! Jobs show discipline and a willingness to be independent; these are great traits for a college applicant.