Is Early Decision Right for Your Kid?

Let’s start with what Early Decision is and how it’s different from Early Action. 


Early Decision (ED) is binding and if accepted the student must withdraw all other applications. Early Action (EA) is not binding and the student is free to apply to other colleges and does not have to accept the EA offer until May 1st.


I’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, having a wise Early Decision (ED) strategy is critical to students getting admitted to their first choice schools. For years, with a few exceptions, ED offers students the best possible admissions odds.


In college admissions, especially in early round admissions statistics. For example, just last year, almost 50% of UPenn’s, Dartmouth’s, Duke’s and Columbia’s spots were filled in the early round. For Brown and Georgetown, the early round admit rates were over 50%. For more data, go to:


But is it right for your child? 


If you do not need financial aid and your child has chosen two to three schools as their “favorite” (you have to choose one) AND you have reviewed the admission data — Google “common data set for whatever college your child is considering, I strongly advise that you use ED to your competitive and strategic advantage. 

How should you decide which school offers the best possible chance for admission or may be worth the binding commitment? I do not want you to brave this decision alone. Let me help you and your senior with this all important decision. CLICK HERE to book a College Application Review Session.