How to Get Off a Waiting List


Welcome to an essential discussion for parents of high school students, especially those navigating the intricate world of college admissions. As we approach the end of March, a pivotal time for college decisions for the class of 2024, it's crucial to delve into a topic that often induces anxiety and uncertainty: college waiting lists.

I understand the roller coaster of emotions you and your child might be experiencing right now. The college admissions process, particularly this year, has been nothing short of chaotic and emotionally charged. From delays in admissions to Supreme Court decisions impacting the landscape, the journey has been challenging.


The Weight of Waiting Lists

One of the most daunting scenarios for students and parents alike is finding themselves on a college's waiting list. This limbo state leaves families in suspense, unsure of whether their child will be admitted or not. It's essential to understand the dynamics at play here.


When a college places a student on a waiting list, it means they see potential but are uncertain due to various factors like available spots, test scores, or demonstrated interest. This uncertainty can be agonizing, but there are strategies to navigate this phase effectively.


 Strategic Steps for Waiting List Success


# 1. Expressing Interest


The first step upon receiving a waiting list notification is for your child to indicate their continued interest promptly. This simple action, often a clickable button, ensures the college knows they are still eager to be considered.


# 2. Personalized Communication


For students who view the college as a top choice, personalized communication is key. Encourage your child to reach out to the admissions officer or counselor directly. Expressing genuine interest, providing updates (if necessary), and asking how they can strengthen their application can make a significant difference.


# 3. Emotional Detachment and Exploration


While waiting for a decision, it's crucial to detach from that waiting list school emotionally. Encourage your child to explore other options they've been admitted to. This not only keeps their options open but also lessens the anxiety associated with the waiting game.


Real-Life Success Stories

Let me share a success story to illustrate the power of strategic waiting list management. A student I worked with last year faced seven waiting list offers initially. That’s a lot, and made her and her parents very anxious. She followed all the above steps, including becoming “emotionally detached.” She and her parents visited the waitlist school (demonstrating interest) and she followed up with the admissions officer. Through proactive communication, demonstrating interest, and maintaining a positive outlook, she eventually secured admission to her dream school.


This story emphasizes the importance of preparation, persistence, and keeping multiple doors open during the waitlisting process.


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Remember, this phase of uncertainty can lead to exciting opportunities. Let's navigate it together and ensure your child's college experience starts on the right foot.


Celebrate this moment, celebrate your child, and let's embrace the journey ahead!

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