How to Craft a College List That Gets Your Teen Accepted (and Avoids Rejection)

College rejections can be disheartening. But with a strategic college list, you can significantly improve your teen's acceptance odds. Here's how:

  • Know Your Numbers: Research average GPAs and test scores for colleges on your list. Aim for a mix of schools where your teen is competitive and "safety schools."

  • Consider "Fit": Don't just focus on rankings. Look for colleges that align with your teen's academic interests, personality, and preferred campus environment.

  • Research Early Decision and Early Action: These options can increase your teen's chances at certain schools, but understand the deadlines and restrictions.

  • Balance is Key: Include a variety of colleges in terms of size, location, and cost.

  • Don't Forget About Scholarships: Research scholarships and financial aid opportunities offered by different institutions.

The Power of a Strategic List:

A well-crafted college list gives your teen options and reduces application anxiety. It ensures they have a good chance of getting accepted to colleges that are a good fit for them.

Our College List Builder program takes the guesswork out of the process.  We provide the tools and guidance you need to create a strategic college list that maximizes your teen's chances of success.

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