Early Decision is NOT Over

I know November 1st has passed and I know many of you are thinking, "Okay, I blew it. I didn't complete my applications.” This is not true. November 15th is another big deadline for early decision and early action applications, along with December 1st. Also, you have two additional early decision dates which can take place on January 1st or January 15th.

If you have a first-choice school, see if they offer early action or early decision, so you can submit your application early and hopefully get notified with an answer that you want. We strongly suggest that you take advantage of any school that has an early action or rolling admission deadline because the earlier you submit, the sooner you will hear back.

Do not fret, the regular decision might be January 1st, but on November 15th, some school will allow you to submit for an early decision. Check out the schools that you are considering, see what they offer, and try to complete your applications as soon as possible.