Don’t Let Your Senior Write Their Essays Alone

Welcome, parents of high school students in the class of 2024! As we embrace the exciting and crucial time of college essay season, I am delighted to connect with you. It's my favorite time of year because this is when your teens have the opportunity to authentically express themselves through their college essays, revealing who they are, what they value, and what sets them apart.

Why an Authentic College Essay Matters

With so many factors impacting the college admissions process, including the rise of test-optional policies and evolving affirmative action rulings, a student's college essay carries significant weight. This essay is more than just a piece of writing; it's a window into their personality, passions, and lived experiences. Encouraging your teen to write authentically is crucial as it allows them to showcase their individuality, resilience, and uniqueness. No generic or cookie-cutter essays here; we want their true selves to shine through.

Where is Your Teen's College Essay?

As we are currently in the thick of August, your teen's college essay progress is of utmost importance. By September and October, early decision deadlines will be approaching rapidly. This leaves approximately 60 days for brainstorming, drafting, revising, and proofreading before those crucial application submission dates.

So, I urge you to inquire about your teen's college application status. Have they started working on their essays? Have they sought assistance from someone, such as a school counselor or a college essay expert, to guide them on this journey? It's crucial to take advantage of this time constructively to ensure a well-crafted essay that captures their essence.

How Strategic Admissions Advice Can Help

At Strategic Emissions Advice, we understand the significance of the college essay and the impact it has on the admission process. We offer a comprehensive course titled "How to Write an Awesome College Essay" to guide your teen through the process step by step.

Our four-step course consists of simple steps to success modules, providing your teen with the essential tools and techniques to create a compelling essay. They will learn the art of brainstorming and drafting while understanding the importance of authenticity and individuality in their writing. Additionally, we emphasize the significance of constructive feedback, which we provide via personalized video feedback sessions.

How You Can Support Your Teen

As parents, you play a crucial role in your teen's college application journey. Encourage them to enroll in our "How to Write an Awesome College Essay" course to gain the skills and insights needed for a successful essay. While you may offer guidance during the brainstorming phase, let them write from their hearts, authentically sharing their stories and experiences.

Your call to action is simple: Visit Strategic Admissions Advice's website ( to explore our course and schedule a free Discovery Call. This call will allow us to understand your teen's needs better and help us determine the best way to support them.

Together, we can ensure that your teen's college essay is a reflection of their true self and helps them stand out in the competitive admissions process. Don't miss this opportunity; let's make their college dreams a reality! Schedule your free Discovery Call today and let us help your teen shine.