Does Your Teen Have the Right College List?

As parents, we all want the best for our children, especially when it comes to their education. Ensuring that they have a well-balanced and aspirational college list is a critical step in the college admissions process. I want to guide you and your teen through the essential considerations for creating the right college list. By redefining success and focusing on your child's unique needs and goals, we can work together to build a list that is best for them. So, let's delve into the process of crafting the perfect college list! 

1. Partnership Between Parent and Child 

Before we begin discussing the college list, let's reiterate the importance of parent and child collaboration in this process. As parents, we should partner with our children, considering factors such as cost, location, major, and career aspirations. This way, we can ensure that their college list aligns with their individual preferences and objectives.

2. College List Validation 

To validate the college list, it's crucial to seek input from the school counselor and utilize available tools like CRM, Parchment, SCOIR, Naviance, Maya Learning, and more. By doing so, we can confirm that the selected colleges are a good fit for your child's academic profile and that their transcripts and recommendations will be appropriately sent.

 3. Making Informed Decisions 

Data and statistics are invaluable when making informed decisions about college choices. Research the schools' historical admission trends and examine acceptance rates for students with similar grades and scores. Additionally, delve into other factors like the campus culture and financial fit to ensure your child feels comfortable and supported in their chosen institution.

 4. The Danger of Ego 

As parents, it's natural to be proud of our children's achievements. However, it's essential to avoid letting our egos cloud our judgement during the college admissions process. Assuming that a high school’s prestigious name guarantees admission to certain colleges can lead to heartbreak and disappointment. Instead, focus on your child's strengths and interests to help them find the best-fit colleges.

 5. Crafting a Balanced College List 

Striking a balance between aspirational, target, and safety schools is crucial. Aspirational schools are those with a lower acceptance rate, target schools have a moderate acceptance rate, and safety schools offer a high likelihood of acceptance. Together, these schools create a well-rounded list that optimizes your child's chances of success.

6. Leveraging School Counselors and Data 

Your school counselor is a valuable resource in the college application process. Collaborate with them to ensure your child's list aligns with their strengths and aligns with their peers' historical admissions.

Creating the right college list is a significant step toward ensuring a smooth and successful college admissions journey for your child. As parents, it is our responsibility to guide and support them in making informed decisions that will shape their future. 

By partnering with Strategic Admissions Advice, we can work together to build a well-balanced and aspirational college list tailored to your child's unique aspirations. Don't hesitate to schedule a free Discovery Call with us today, where we can discuss how to maximize your child's potential and set them on the path to a fulfilling college experience. Let's make this journey a rewarding one for both you and your child!