The Biggest Mistakes Parents Make When Building Their Teen's College List


College applications can be stressful for both students and parents.

One of the key steps in the process is building a strong college list. But many parents make critical mistakes that can hurt their child's chances of admission.

Common Mistakes:

  • Focusing Only on Prestige: Don't chase rankings blindly. Consider factors like campus culture, program fit, and financial aid options.

  • Ignoring "Safety Schools": Include schools where your child is likely to be accepted, regardless of GPA or test scores. This reduces application anxiety.

  • Neglecting "Reach Schools": It's okay to dream big! Include a few colleges with higher admissions standards to challenge your child.

  • Not Considering Location: Does your child thrive in a bustling city or a quiet rural setting? Location matters!

  • Forgetting About Affordability: Don't build a list of dream schools your family can't afford. Research scholarships and financial aid options beforehand.

  • Not Involving Your Child: This is their journey! Their interests, strengths, and preferences should be central to the list-building process.

The Solution:
Building a strategic college list requires careful planning and consideration. Stay tuned to learn more about our long-awaited service, College List Builder, where I actually build a college list for your teen.

I am only building 50 lists before the summer, so please pay attention as we send you more info in the coming days.

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