Why I Think This is the Best Time to Apply to College

Despite all the forewarning that the COVID 19 pandemic will be the “death of college,” as we know it, I beg to differ. I think that the college experience will change, yes, and college admissions and how students are evaluated will be adjusted to our changing times, but I do not think that the classes of 2021, 2022, 2023 and beyond are doomed. In fact, I think they can capitalize on the shifting climate and possibly get into schools that they never thought they have a chance of being admitted to.


  1. Current college students may never return to campus. Enrollment management is dependent on many things, and if a rising junior or senior in college does not feel like the last one or two years of college will be worthwhile given their health or instability of a campus, they may simply finish their studies somewhere else. Online, virtual courses at a significantly reduced cost will be appealing, and since they hopefully have enough credits to graduate from their original school, they may not return and colleges will need students (transfers) to occupy their beds.

  2. Chaos breeds confusion but ultimately leads to clarity. The key word of “chaos” is tricky, but with so much in disarray about how the pandemic will affect college life and admission, there has to be an expiration date. Throughout history, order is eventually found within instability -- I mean, that’s the aim, right? -- and those who are poised and prepared with sharp applications, essays and evidence to support why they will succeed in college, will win. Students must want to be the lighthouse in the sea and not simply do whatever or go wherever everyone else is. Students have a chance to make it easy for admissions offices by articulating who they are and what they aim to be. College admissions rewards those who take initiative. 

  3. Choices are everywhere. Most colleges across the country have for 60% admit rates. While some of these colleges were dismissed before, many should be considered now. Why? They cost less, they’re closer to home and will probably be more accommodating in regards to fulfilling majors. Colleges want students to come in and graduate. I believe that schools that were once arrogant about their stature, may become more compassionate and that will lead to more student happiness.

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